Monday, September 3, 2012

On Modesty...

Have you ever wondered,

" this skirt too short?"
"Is this top too revealing?"
Or worse yet, have you ever caught yourself comparing what you are wearing with what Susie and Jane wear and think,
"Well,... at least I am more modest than they are!"
Girls...we have a higher standard to go by and that is our Lord and Savior's standard.  He sets the rules and he is the judge on what we wear. 
A good quote to remember when trying to decide if something is truly modest in the Lord's eyes would be:
"Certainly such as fear the LORD should go in no apparel, but, first, such as they are willing to die in; secondly, to appear before the Ancient of Days in...thirdly, to stand before a judgement-seat."
-Thomas Brooks, London's Lamentations, pg. 52