Monday, April 8, 2013

Please Help The Romeike Family

I have copied the following article off of a friend's blog, Our Full House. Please read this and sign the petition...

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"What would you do if your state decided you could no longer home educate your children? Would you stay and place them in public school, would you risk prison by continuing to homeschool them or would you move somewhere that allowed you the freedom? This is a very real question that each homeschool family needs to answer. When our family began to homeschool our children in California almost 20 years ago, homeschooling was not what it is today. People thought it was illegal, worse yet the state was not sure what to do with this growing movement of parents that were taking their children out of government schools and training them at home. This week I met with a state government employee that didn't know the homeschool laws of our state and she works within the children's welfare system.

Last year I was made aware of a family that came to America, legally, from Germany to enjoy the freedom of home educating their children. The Romeike family left their country, home, church, family, friends and church to come to America. They first immigrated to America in 2008 and the Obama Administration is now trying to deport them back to a country that wants to prosecute them for teaching their children at home. I will not share the whole story here because there are so many details I don't want to miss. I will include links at the bottom of the page for more reading about the Romeike family and the challenges they have endured in order to exercise their God given right to teach their children without the governments interference.

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Homeschool Legal Defense is representing the Romeike family in court and has an uphill battle, not against the German government but against the US government. Can you imagine any more hypocrisy than the US government telling the Romeike family, who immigrated to America legally that they are not allowed to stay here after five years, when that same government is proposing amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the US? The Romeike family needs your help. There is currently a White House petition that will allow HSLDA and the Romeike family to have their case heard by the White House. Please join us in signing this important petition before April 18. Whether you are a homeschool family or not, this affects you. If the Romeike family is deported for homeschooling, will we be next?"